What We Do

Landscape view of fields

The Dedham Vale National Landscape team is based in Ipswich. The team was first set up in 1990 to champion the National Landscape and provide a lead for the conservation of the protected landscape.

The National Landscape Partnership organisations sign a commitment to implement a Management Plan and agree to share a common vision for the long term care of the National Landscape.

Each Management Plan is produced following a period of consultation runs for a five-year period. The current Management Plan covers 2021-2026 is available to view online or download.

The Plan should guide decision making in the nationally designated landscape and sets out a vision for the area and objectives on how that vision may be delivered

Some of the core aims and objectives of the National Landscape Team include:

  1. Acting as an advocate for the National Landscape by commenting on and influencing the important plans, strategies and development proposals likely to affect the National Landscape
  2. Supporting the Dedham Vale National Landscape & Stour Valley Partnership and promoting its collective commitment to the Management Plan
  3. Developing strategic approaches to the issues identified in the Management Plan
  4. Stimulating, enabling and coordinating the activities of others to add value and minimise conflict
  5. Demonstrating best practice in key projects which fulfil the Management Plan, and where best placed to, take the lead
  6. Monitoring change in key qualities so that the National Landscape can be alerted to the consequences of that change
  7. Raising awareness of the area’s importance and value and providing a focus for all organisations and individuals with an interest in the area
  8. Enabling community involvement that helps implement the National Landscape Management Plan’s objectives
  9. Undertaking direct action to meet strategic objectives when others are unable to act