Hedgehog child

Hedgehog Friendly Village Project 

After a successful pilot project to create a Hedgehog Friendly Village in East Bergholt, the Dedham Vale National Landscape are expanding the initiative to other villages in the Dedham Vale to create greater connectivity for hedgehogs across the National Landscape.

Pylons in a field

Landscape Enhancement Initiative

The objective of the Landscape Enhancement Initiative is to reduce the visual impact of National Grid’s existing infrastructure (pylons, wires and substations) and enhance the quality of the affected landscapes.

Overhead wires in a field

Low Voltage Undergrounding

Dedham Vale National Landscape, together with the other national landscapes (National Landscapes and National Parks) in Eastern England, work with UK Power Networks and Natural England to remove unsightly overhead electricity lines.

Aerial view of winding river

River Stour Enhancement Project

The Dedham Vale National Landscape and Stour Valley and the Environment Agency are working together on a partnership project to address Water Framework Directive targets in the Stour catchment.

AONB team member assessing overhead wires

Stour Valley Educational Network

The Stour Valley Educational Network (SVEN) brings together organisations and practitioners involved in the delivery of outdoor learning in the Dedham Vale National Landscape & Stour Valley.

As Coast & Heaths and Dedham Vale celebrate their 50th Anniversary we have an exciting project that aims to encourage residents and tourists to engage with the local landscape through photography.

Flowers in the field

Other Successes

Take a look at some past projects and recent successes, highlighting the important work that takes places within the National Landscape and the wider Stour Valley to conserve and enhance the protected landscape.