Landscape Enhancement Initiative

Pylons in a field

Peyton pylons

Dedham Vale National Landscape is working to fund local projects through National Grid's Landscape Enhancement Initiative

The objective of the Landscape Enhancement Initiative is to reduce the visual impact of National Grid’s existing infrastructure and enhance the quality of the affected landscapes. Where the visual impacts cannot be directly screened it may be possible to shift emphasis away from the transmission line by enhancing the landscape in other ways. 

The National Grid lines we are concerned with are the very large metal pylons across the very northern edge of Dedham Vale National Landscape. 

Eligible projects must lie within the National Landscape boundary. There is no fixed limit on the distance of eligible projects from the pylon line, but the visual impact needs to be justified and in general, landscape and visual impacts decline with distance and the most important impacts usually occur within 3 km of the line. 

Applications can only be made by the National Landscape Team so we are working with partners to put the best projects forward. We are currently working with the Stour Valley Farmer Cluster and Suffolk Wildlife Trust on an application in 2020. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the fund visit the National Grid Landscape Enhancement Initiative webpage or contact National Landscape Project Officer, Claire Cadman by email.