Supporting heritage in Essex

Dedham Vale (12)

We live in a rich landscape of fine buildings, land, objects and artefacts. Essex Heritage Trust fund individuals or bodies who are preserving or restoring any aspect of our Essex Heritage. 

Funding is intended to support Essex-based projects that follow into the following categories:

  • Restoration of buildings, structure and maritime projects.
  • Church contents.
  • Historic and listed public buildings.
  • Works of art – purchase and restoration.
  • Museums.
  • Publications, historical research and archaeology.
  • Landscape and gardens.

Projects must be within Essex and for the benefit of the public. In the case of works of art or artefacts, these must be regularly accessible to the public.

Grants tend to range from between £100 to £10,000.  Additional sources of funding are required as the Trust will normally only cover a proportion of the total costs of the project.

Application deadline: 25th September 2023. For more information, visit The Essex Heritage Trust website.